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BUYERS PLEASE READ info and Contract

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When leaving my home, your puppies will have their first set of shots. They are not 100% protected yet!!! Please try to keep them away from other dogs and places where there are alot of dogs. Diseaes can be carried on feet(shoes), and paws of other animales.

Tails and dew claws are done at 3 days old. They are also de-wormed, and vet checked when they get their shots!!

Please take you puppy to the vet for updated shots, and check up only when the shots are due. Sick animales come to the clinic, and the pup should only be there when it deemed nessessary!!

In the begining, make sure your baby has 4 meals per day. These little bodies can drop their blood sugar quickly. If the pup seems shaky, unsteady, or VERY sleepy....go to the vet fast!!! Whatch the amount of play. Small amounts are OK!! Cuddle lots, they grow so fast!!

I give my puppies KARO (white) syrup in there water until they are 4 months old. I tablespoon/cup.

Puppies feel the stress of the new move. Changing water may cause a soft bowel movement. Keep an eye out if it last more then 1 day.

If your puppy should die from a genetic defect, please have a licenced vet provide me with all the info, and pictuers of the pup. I realize this is a distatseful thought, but I have to be sure the pup is the same pup I sold you. I also require an autopsy report from said vet. The shipping (pick up / delivery) of the new pup will be the cost of the  new puppy owner.

If a genetic defect is deemed the reason for death, I WILL replace the pup, from the same parents (if possible) of the same value. This will only be valid up to one year of age!!


Again, I am trying to provide a healthy happy puppy for you to love. I will try to give you an idea of size, temperment, and color of the pup you want. I AM NOT GOD!! I will try my best to make sure you have the best pup for your situation, and the right size and temperment.

All my parents have wonderful temperments, are healthy, and go to the vet for their shots.



Contracts will be a part of all puppy sales. The contract proves your ownership of the puppy, and the terms of the sale.

 Under NO curcumstances will a puppy be sold to a puppy mill *, or the new owner can be fined by the seller  a fine of $500.00.

This contract is binding, when the buyer picks up the puppy. In some cases, the contract will be signed, but signed or not, is binding, after purchase.


*puppy mill....when a person has a large number of dogs, and is breeding them, neglecting them, and overall not caring for them, JUST for the profit of the sale of the puppies.

Some people have a lot of dogs, and are breeding them, and that is OK. It is the owners who do not care for those dogs, and keep them is awful conditions, such as a small cage, with dirty coats, and poor food.

I do my best to make sure my puppies are going to a good home. Sometimes, people can pull the wool over my eyes. This is so hard on a breeder, as these puppies are so innocent, and just want to be loved. We are responsible for these little lives.



Signed Buyer............................................Date................

Signed Seller............................................Date................

Puppies can live for 15 years...are you ready for that kind of commitment??

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