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Our Home
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My family

Hi, just a little info about my family, and our home.

We live 1/8 of a mile from Riding Mountian National Park. We have alot of wildlife, including bears, moose and dear. It is beautiful country to raise a family...pets included.

I have a great family. We have 3 kids. Kassandra is 14, Krysten is 13 and Kyle is 10.

Kass is a guitar player. She is in a rock band with 4 friends, called Organized Confusion. They are really good, and have been playing in the community alot. HEY...they are even getting paid!!! Kass also playes and teaches piano, oboe and has started on drums. She also curls, and has great grades.

Krysten is my BASS player. She is starting band (in her Dads class) and plays the tuba. This is cute, as the tuba is bigger than she is.

Krys also curls, plays volleyball and has awesome grades.

Kyle is the drummer. Don't come to my house if you like quiet. He has picked it up very fast. He is also a curler, and loves street hockey. He is a smart kid, with good grades. He has statred playing hockey this year and is a goalie. He has found his new love in the game of hockey!!

I am very lucky!!


My husband is a band director at the middle school. He is a guitar player. He is also helping the kids with the rock band. He is so busy!! He is one of the most talented people I have ever met, and is incredibly smart.

I am a dog groomer. I cannot have enough animals. It is a good thing I have my hubby, or I would have to sleep in the garage to make room for the pets.


Well, our biggest pet is our dog Joey. He is an Alakan Malamute. NOW...these are not the kind of dogs you can buy and ignore. They NEED exercise, and human contact. He is a wonderful dog, and very protective. We have a sled, and go sledding every winter. He is five, and this may be his last year sledding.

Next is Paris. She is the protector. Barks like mad, and runs like heck!!! She is a lab X aussie. She is a great girl. She is smart, and again, very protective.

Then we have Piper and Gryffin and Danny. You can read about them in the previous pages.

Alley and Izzy... the cats. They are so cool. They are great rodent control. They hunt alot. They also play with the dogs. Izzy used to walk around the kitchen with the three puppies hanging from his tail.

We also have a english angora. She is a beautiful rabbit. She is the nicest bunny.  We have a few tropical aquariums, and a fish pond full of fish!!

We have a very fullfilling life.


Joey..our big baby!!
Alaskan Malamute

remote control hog!!
Piper, guarding the remote from Dad

IZZY!!! The bad kitty!!
Caught in the act!!!

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