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Puppy Waiting List
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If you would like to be put on my puppy waiting list, a deposit of $200.00 will hold the puppy for you. If you wish to hold a puppy, and you are first on the list, you have first choice of the litter. (all deposits are non-refundable)!!

All puppies must be paid for before the puppy is 7 weeks old, or the puppy goes to it's new home!!

Puppy Prices:

Teacup 2-4.5 pounds  $800.00-$1000.00

Tiny Toy 4.5-6.5 pounds $650.00

Toy  6.5 -10 pounds  $550.00

The cost of shipping is the new owners cost. ALSO, international orders, health certificates, and international shots are also at owners cost. Average cost for air transport is $100.00-$120.00 in Canada.

(NOTE: it is cheaper to have 2 dogs shipped together, and is much more relaxing for the puppies!!!)

Although I do my best as a breeder, I cannot predict to the exact size of any puppy.

Piper, wearing her sweater.

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Please call or write with any questions. I will try to answer them, or will find someone who can.

I want  my puppies to go to loving homes. I hope to place a puppy with people, and families who enjoy their dogs as much as I do. I think children should be raised with dogs, and poodles are excellent as they do not shed, and are VERY intellegent. They are a very loving breed, and are also protective of their families.

Watch the nursery for new litters!

new born babies!!

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